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Unravel With Lance

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Is a vaccine going to get things back to normal?

Since the beginning of lockdown back in March 2020, all hope has been placed on a vaccine to end the crisis. Just in time for Christmas Pfizer–BioNTech announced it had a workable vaccine with other vaccines emerging by New Year.

However these primitive vaccines were not the silver bullet we expected and although everyone understood roll out would take time, No one expected it would take this long.


With rollout proven as turbulent as the virus itself and fears for a second summer in lockdown, patience is waning. Even if everyone is vaccinated, It’s not a cure… it won’t stop contraction… the virus will continue to spread… and the vaccine's effectiveness could only last as short as four* months.


So is a vaccine going to get things back to normal?


This is one of the many questions I will be exploring in the lead-up to Summer 2020. Unravel will explore the string of unknowns, talk to experts in the area and keep up to date with the latest in the COVID-19 Vaccine rollout.


* Reported by Penn Medicine as of March 28