A taste of Connemara

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Galway & Jupiter have one thing in common; Conamara Chaos

"Conn" the giant of Connemara

The origins of "Connemara" comes from the original tribe who settled here, who were a branch of the greater tribe the "Conmacne",

Scattered across Connacht, the branch who settled here were called "Conmacne Mara." Mara is Irish for "of the sea" so the literal meaning is "Conmacne of the sea",

Another legend is that of "Conn" the giant of Connemara, who is said to be the Son of the sea. Built bu the Joyce craft shop just across the road "for no reason at all" but makes for a great story.

Two sister fillies waiting for a new home

The Connemara Pony; a native the region can thank the local climate and terrain for its resilient nature. The pedigree behind and this athletic animal is believed to be from the “Irish Hobby,” a pre-13th-century pony now extent. It’s said they bread with Scandinavian horses brought in from the Vikings, while others say they came from the pure Spanish horses that, swam ashore from the wrecks of the Spanish Armada.

The original bloodlines of the Connemara pony came under threat from cross-breading in the 18th and 19th century with horses like the Hackney and Arabian horse for improved genetics. To combat this in 1923 the Connemara ponies breeder society was established to preserve the breeds original pedigree. Today pure-breed Connemara’s are bread across the world.

Their primary use is in the sport ranging from showjumping to dressage eventing.

Alcock & Brown Memorial

Conamara Chaos is a chaotic region on Jupiters moon Europa and was named after the Galway region because of its striking similar chaotic terrain.

Conamara Chaos is a landscape produced by the disruption of the icy crust of Europa. The region consists of rafts of ice that have moved around and rotated.

Surrounding these plates is a lower matrix of jumbled ice blocks which may have been formed as water, slush, or warm ice rose up from below the surface. The region is cited as evidence for a liquid ocean below Europa's icy surface.

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The Gaeltacht is a protected Irish speaking region. There are a total of 7 located mainly in the west. Connemara is part of the Galway Gaeltacht. Alone Connemara has an Irish speaking population of about 24,000 and when combined with Galway, this figure is almost 49,000 making it Irelands largest Gaeltacht, representing about 47% of the Irish speaking population in the country.

Irish is the mother-tongue for the locals and they speak Irish every day. Most of the population would have fluent English, so much so that many Gaeltacht's daily Irish usages is slowly declining.

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